3 generations with the same love for the sea
and with growing knowledge for its treasures

About us…

The 85-year experience of the Tekirdagli family - our family - in the trade and processing of fish, in combination with the vision of its 3rd generation, represented by Athina Tekirdagli, are alia fish’ trademark; the trademark of a dynamic, constantly growing company, that supplies supermarkets and restaurants with fine, freshly-caught on a daily basis, seafood.

Our products have a name

Als (the) ''sea'', alios (of the) ''sea'' (source: encyclopedia

Alieia (the) ''the art of collecting fish, (commonly fishing) with passion, respect for the marine ecosystem and knowledge of the rules of top quality nutrition, so that when each fish reaches the consumer's table it is as fresh as if it was the moment it was caught, unique in taste and rich in nutrients'' (source: alia fish)